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SV North Inhouse and Travel Youth Soccer Programs

Fall 2024 Registration Opens June 5, 2024

Our Programs

SV North offers both in-house and travel programs. Our in-house programs are designed for younger and less experienced players, while travel programs are designed with more experienced and older players in mind. Older new players do occasionally start in travel, since there is not an house program after U10, but most players start with in-house soccer. SV North is committed to having a place for every player to play. If you ever have any questions please contact us. We would be happy to help you find the most appropriate program for your child.

In the United States the official soccer season runs from fall to spring, while player age grouping is determined by their birth year.  Before each fall season then, players shift into older age group categories based on the Age Chart provided by the United States Youth Soccer Association, the national organization under which PA-West Soccer is governed. A player's age group category remains the same from Fall to Spring sessions.

The age groups for the 2024-25 soccer season are as follows:

Age Group

Birth Year

Age Group

Birth Year

























Registration fees for the 2024-25 soccer season:



Eligible Birth Years

U5 In-house



U6 In-house



U8 In-house


2018 & 2017

U10 mini-travel


2016 & 2015

Travel Soccer $1702006 to 2016

Only Travel Soccer players purchase travel uniforms.

There is a $75 per family (not per player) for families that do not want to volunteer.
$10 Early Bird Discount (must register by July 4, 2024)
$20 discount for 3rd+ kid
$75 Late fee (travel)/$40 Late fee (in-house)

The Website charges an order processing fee of $3 per order. (This fee goes directly to the website, not the club.)

In-House Programs:

Our in-house program services players from U5 through U10. Games are played on Saturdays at our Sippel Reservoir Community Park fields (behind BiLo). Registration fees for all in-house programs include a free t-shirt. In-house players do not need to purchase SV North uniforms!


U5 (generally 4 or 5 years olds)

The U5 program meets on Saturday mornings for 45 minutes with ½ of the time spend doing practice and fun activities. The kids are then divided up for a game.  

U6 (generally 5 or 6 years old)

The U6 program meets on Saturday mornings for an hour with ½ of the time spend doing practice and fun activities. The kids are then divided up for a game. The U6 program adds an optional mid-week skills night.

U8 (generally  6 to 8 years old) - includes both U7 and U8 birth years

This program includes Saturday games as well as one or two nights of weekday training/practices. Players are placed onto teams at the beginning of the season, and play each other at our Jackson township fields. Occasionally we may a schedule a “friendly” against a nearby club. Games are 4v4 with volunteer goalies. No scores or standings are kept. All games are refereed.


U10 (generally 8 to 10 years old)- includes both U9 and U10 birth years


This is a transition age between in-house and travel. U10 players are eligible to play in both in-house or travel programs. Our U10 in-house program teams play in a mini-travel league. Their season consists of a series of “friendly” matches against nearby clubs. All games are 7v7 including goalies. Games are played on Saturdays with two nights of practice per week. Home matches are played at our Sippel Reservoir fields. All games are refereed by a three person crew. No scores or standings are kept.


Travel Program:

As a community Club SV North teams compete in PA West Sunday travel brackets. A season normally consists of 8 matches, 4-home and 4-away, against other PA West clubs. Scores of all matches are reported to PA West and PA West keeps the league standings. Games are governed by the PA West rules of competition.  Typical age groupings for travel teams include:

U10 (8-10  yrs) - includes both U9 and U10 players
U12 (10-12yrs) - includes both U11 and U12 players
U14 (12-14yrs) - includes both U13 and U14 players
U16 (14-16yrs) - includes both U15 and U16 players
U19 Co-Ed (Span 15-19yrs)


Our travel program is geared towards more experienced players. Travel players, except at the U10 age group, are not able to play in our in-house programs. U10 travel players may petition the club to play both Travel and In-house. If accepted, they pay travel fees and get the in-house program for “free.” All the other age groups are too old to play in our in-house programs. Travel players must purchase a travel kit. They will be assigned an official number by the club so that they can use their travel kit regardless of the team or age group they are playing in. Players may use their kits from season to season. SV North tries to place kids on teams appropriate to their skill levels and we also try to keep teams together from season to season as much as is feasible, based on the number of registrations and other factors. SV North wants every kid to have the opportunity to play soccer all the way through high school.    

Equipment for All Programs:

All players must wear shin guards for both practices and games. Younger kids, U5&U6, could wear tennis shoes but soccer cleats are recommend for safety reasons. No football or baseball cleats are ever allowed. Soccer cleats don't have a front cleat on the bottom. Travel player can click on the Travel Uniforms & Spirit Wear link at the top of this page to purchase uniforms. In-house players receive a shirt as part of their registration. We recommend that they wear shorts and soccer socks that are either black or match their team color. Always bring plenty of water to games and practices!


August 14, 2024 - Last day to order travel soccer uniform without a late fee

August 18, 2024 - Last day to register for Travel Soccer without a late fee
August 25, 2024 - Last day to register for In-house Soccer without a late fee

August 25, 2024 - Last day to register for Travel Soccer (late fee charged)

August 26, 2024 - Travel team practice begins this week (weather permitting)

September 1, 2024 - Last day to register for In-house Soccer (late fee charged)

September 3, 2024 - In-house team practice begins this week (weather permitting)

September 7, 2024 - First In-house team games

September 8, 2024 - First Travel team games
August 26 to October 27, 2024 - Fall Soccer Season

We hope you consider joining us.

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